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Refurb Oxford

Oxon Builders Ltd, refurbishment contractors in Oxford from large-scale transformations to small specialist projects and listed buildings.

Oxon Builders Ltd have experience working on all size of refurbishments in Oxford from large-scale transformations to small specialist projects and listed buildings.

Everyone, both homeowner and commercial investor wants to get the maximum investment potential from their property and refurbishment may seem like the most straightforward option. But it is worth looking at the alternatives as there are some complexities involved in refurbishment that can prove costly both time and budget wise if not considered.

Clients may not have considered the benefits of a new build such as vat relief, more flexible space planning and greater energy efficiency. A refurbishment solution may prove to be the only, or the best one, but it is important to consider all the options and complexities.

Commercial Refurbishments in Oxford

Oxon Builders Ltd are aware of the common pitfalls associated with refurbishments in Oxford due to the history of the buildings and their locations. Clients may find that accurate building records may not exist, so unexpected issues such as asbestos may crop up and the general structural stability and drainage (underground services) is not always apparent until works are underway. Clients need to be aware that if there is a lack of capacity for additional power loading this could restrict IT plans.

We are experienced enough to deal with these issues and can advise clients throughout the project. We never pull teams off site once a job is started and with our plumbing and electric teams on hand to support us we are able to run the entire project with a dedicated project manager.

Hallway refurbishment, OxfordOccupied refurbishments in Oxford

To avoid disruption to business, many refurbishments in Oxford are undertaken whilst the buildings still remain in use which carries certain risks to individuals and equipment. Our dedicated project Manager will get a clear understanding of how the building is used and tackle any health & safety issues, for occupants and contractors to ensure risk and disruption are kept to a minimal. We understand that good communication between all parties is vital.

Refurbishing Listed Buildings in Oxford

Quite often our domestic clients are carrying out alterations to a listed building. Whether inside or out this is a little more complicated than non-listed buildings however English Heritage states: “Listed buildings can be altered, extended and sometimes even demolished within Government planning guidance.” We can recommend architects to help you with the planning and ensure your refurbishment is completed on time and with the due diligence and respect your building requires from the initial stages through to the electrics, plumbing, painting and decorating.

Whether you’re looking for a domestic or commercial refurbishment in Oxford call Oxon Builder’s Ltd on 07500 838 064 for a quote about your project. We never pull our teams off a job once it’s started so you can be sure of a continuous and professional build.

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